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We have put together a table of useful facts that will help you decide which warranty is the best for you to offer to your customers. It is important that you check around and fully understand the different types of warranties available, and this table is just the start.


Our Competitors

All vehicle makes and models included. Cherry picking – expensive and higher risk vehicles are usually excluded from cover.
Five clear and comprehensive policy levels, Platinum Plus, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Unlike other Warranty companies you are not restricted to which cover you are eligible for. You can simply select which you prefer. Confusing variations in cover levels with confusing names. Watch out for being forced into a cover level and being told this is the highest level, even though there are usually other ‘higher’ levels available.
For safety’s sake Warrantywise pay for parts replaced in pairs when only one part has failed, such as shock absorbers, suspension springs, brake discs and drums. No contribution towards parts replaced in pairs when only one part has failed. If you need two springs or shock absorbers you will only get one, so – You Pay!
Consequential Damage always covered, we don’t exclude this we simply cover all parts. Repairs allowed from day one. Consequential Damage Failures often excluded. You think you’re covered because a covered part has failed, but you pay because it was a consequence of a non-covered part!
Plan Repair Limit is set to value of vehicle at time of booking, if your vehicle value depreciates, our plan repair limit will remain at the higher value regardless of how long your plan has run. Plan Repair Limit equal to value of vehicle at time of repair. Your vehicle depreciates and so will the value of cover available to pay any repair, so – You Pay!
No charge for Betterment, should you require a new engine or gearbox – you get a new engine or gearbox and will not be asked to contribute towards the cost of repair. Betterment is a noxious little weasel word. If an expensive part is thought to improve the value or condition of vehicle, You Pay!
No forced plan Contribution. Most warranties carry a forced Contribution of up to £50 for each repair, so You Pay!
Repairs at any Vat registered garage of your choice including local garage or main dealers. Repairs at network garage – You Pay the difference if your garage labour rate is above network rate.
No Mileage Limits, so you won’t drive out of cover within plan term. Watch out for mileage limits, often as low as 5,000 miles pa – that’s only 14 miles per day, any more and cover ends and, you guessed it, You Pay!
Unlimited cover while driving in Europe. Cover in Europe limited to 100 days pa or less.
Emergency Repairs Procedure when Warrantywise repairs office is closed or if you are out of contact. No emergency repairs procedure, customers must log all repairs during the warranty company office hours.
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